Why CNC Search?
Strategic Partnering.
Having held positions in human resources departments, we know firsthand how to partner with organizations to effectively and efficiently facilitate the recruiting process.

Skilled Assessments and Interview Techniques
The use of honed interview techniques provides a thorough assessment of the candidate's competencies, skills, and personality traits.

Trusted Relationships with Top Candidates in the Marketing Field
With over a decade in the staffing industry, CNC Search has developed a strong network in the marketing and media industry.


Strategic Staffing Services

With an extensive background in recruiting and human resources, CNC Search fully understands and appreciates both sides of the staffing equation. Organizations need to attract and retain the very best talent. And job seekers want to build their careers and succeed. We strive to meet the unique needs of both organizations and individuals.

Placing the right people in the right positions can make all the difference when it comes to your organization’s success. Placements are made not by matching resumes to job descriptions but by thoroughly pairing the unique needs of each client with a candidate’s individual experience, skills, talents, characteristics, motivators, interests and values. Learn more